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Spotted Towhee by Andrew Denman
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"Cross Stitch"
12 x 24" Acrylic on Cradled Board
Spotted Towhee

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I still remember the first time I saw a Spotted Towhee amidst the ranks of the more familiar Brown Towhees that frequented my parents’ yard when I was a child. I was amazed by its gorgeous colors and pattern, and by its sparkling, brilliant red eyes. Unfortunately, Towhees do most of their foraging on the ground, and particularly amongst dense foliage, so despite frequent sightings, I was never able to photograph one in anything approaching a satisfactory way. Perhaps twenty years after that first sighting, I was in Arizona for the “Sea of Cortez” Show (in which I was a participating artist) at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum in Tucson. Rick Brusca, a noted wildlife field biologist who had been our guide in Mexico nearly two years earlier when we’d traveled there to prepare for the show, took the attending artists on a tour of Mount Lemon, one of the Sonoran Desert’s so-called “Sky Islands,” isolated, high altitude environments that act as huge oasis in the middle of a vast, desert sea. Despite having grown up around Spotted Towhees most of my life, it was here, on the snowy summit of Mount Lemon, that I finally acquired my reference. It’s hard to describe to a non-wildlife artist or someone who is not a wildlife enthusiast, the giddy excitement of finally seeing, let alone photographing, a bird that one has so fruitlessly stalked for so long; it feels like Christmas. In my painting, “Cross Stitch,” I captured the bird just as it is about to take flight from a web of twiggy aspen limbs. The geometrically abstract background serves to suggest, rather than describe, the weave of snow and branches against which I finally came to know this elusive and beautiful bird.

Welcome to the online home for artwork by Andrew Denman, a California –based, internationally recognized, award-winning contemporary wildlife artist. Denman primarily paints wildlife and animal subjects in a unique, hallmark style combining hyper-realism with stylization and abstraction. His dynamic and original acrylic paintings can be found in museum collections on two continents and in numerous private collections in the USA and abroad. His clear voice, unique vision, and commitment to constant artistic experimentation have positioned him on the forefront of an artistic vanguard of the best contemporary wildlife and animal painters working today.
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